Cuckold Cartoon Wedding

Welcome to the cuckold cartoon wedding that will leave you wanting to throw condoms instead of rice! This hot wife, freshly away from the alter, where the “I do’s” were exchanged decides to spend some quality time with a couple of the ushers for the interracial sex that will leave them happy to be a part of the wedding party. The reception will just have to wait for this new bride, because she’s receiving all of the guest she wants at the moment, and that is the two well hung hunks that have the cocks to make her scream with passion instead of spending her wedding night with the cuckold husband that won’t measure up to the means of being able to satisfy her. There will be no doubt in your mind from this cuckold cartoon that this hot wife is going to be opening a few presents that didn’t need to be wrapped, and they will be the gift that keeps on giving! As the guests welcome the new couple, the first time introduced as cuckold husband and hot wife, she’ll still have the interracial cum dripping down the inside of her thighs from her sex fest just moments before.

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2 Responses to “Cuckold Cartoon Wedding”

  1. burian says:

    ok honey I ll bring back the money to get you back … just be carefull
    plz dnt hurt my bride …. plz

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