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Just Married Cuckold Comics

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Humiliated cuckold Husband

When they stood in front of their friends and family, repeating their vows and promising to take each other for better or worse, this cuckold husband is getting it tossed at him immediately following the ceremony. Still clad in his tux, and his hot wife sporting her white stockings and head dress, cuckold sex comics shows perfectly how his first husbandly lesson is the proper way to fuck her for sexual satisfaction. As cuckold sex comic shows in such a passionate way, the look on her husband’s face is that of feeling submissive, but the erection in his pants tells the real tale of exactly how much it’s turning him on to watch his porcelain skinned bride being penetrated doggy-style by a well hung Black lover, filling up her moist hole with the girth of his cock, showing no mercy as he rams deeper and deeper with each thrust. She taunts her cuckold husband with almost an air of humiliation, making him feel that he couldn’t satisfy her sexually, so she found someone that could, so he should take notes on the action happening right before his eyes. As his hot wife rocks back to keep the rhythm going of her extra marital intercourse he can’t take his eyes off of the display.

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I Bet My Hot Wife

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Hot Wife at Stake

It’s hard to say which one was the real winner in the poker game that was played. When a cuckold husband bets the body of his hot wife, he’ll throw a pair of aces just to watch her partake in passionate interracial sex. When the deal’s been made there’s no going back on the wager, not like anyone would anyway. His buddy had been eyeing the long legs clad in thigh high stockings of his poker partner’s wife for a long time, and there was no way he would walk away from the table without heading straight to the bed. Cuckold sex comics shows that since she was up for the sexual stake she was going to start with his massive big Black cock, licking and sucking the thickness, making plenty of slurping sounds for her cuckold husband to hear and become aroused by as well. Rolling her sweet bare ass over and letting her breasts swing free there’s a smile on her lover’s face that leads him to do the only thing he can, compliment the great head job he’s getting, letting her cuckold husband know that he’ll play extra hands for other chances of sexual satisfying her hot body.