Cuckolded While Sleeping

January 8th, 2009

This hot wife knows her cuckold husband like the back of her hand, as this cuckold cartoon will show you perfectly. When he invites a buddy over to hang out for the evening, it happens to be one that is packing a boner in his boxers that she definitely wants a piece of, so she brings out the wine and the glasses, knowing that a few cups of the proper spirits will put her worthless husband out like a light! With him sitting right there next to them on the sofa, as this cuckold comics shows you in brilliant shades and hues, she begins her seduction and her new found fornicating friend is all ready for what she has to offer. When the top and bra come off and her massive tits swing and sway in front of his face, his hands begin to roam to those nether regions of raw excitement and enjoyment. As her cuckold husband is in a stupor from just two cushions away, she enjoys knowing that at any moment he will open his eyes and capture the view of his hot wife being fucked by another man.

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Cuckold Cartoon Wedding

December 30th, 2008

Welcome to the cuckold cartoon wedding that will leave you wanting to throw condoms instead of rice! This hot wife, freshly away from the alter, where the “I do’s” were exchanged decides to spend some quality time with a couple of the ushers for the interracial sex that will leave them happy to be a part of the wedding party. The reception will just have to wait for this new bride, because she’s receiving all of the guest she wants at the moment, and that is the two well hung hunks that have the cocks to make her scream with passion instead of spending her wedding night with the cuckold husband that won’t measure up to the means of being able to satisfy her. There will be no doubt in your mind from this cuckold cartoon that this hot wife is going to be opening a few presents that didn’t need to be wrapped, and they will be the gift that keeps on giving! As the guests welcome the new couple, the first time introduced as cuckold husband and hot wife, she’ll still have the interracial cum dripping down the inside of her thighs from her sex fest just moments before.

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Cuckolded for a speeding ticket

December 19th, 2008

Just when her husband thought his hot wife was trying to do him a favor, just to get him out of that speeding ticket, then he found out quickly that she was in it for herself and no one else. When the cuffs are slapped on him, he’s going to be the obedient husband that she would want, even having to assume the cuckold position of watching his blonde bombshell being ravished by the man in blue. Bending this beauty over the hood of his cruiser, you’ll see from this cuckold cartoon that he is still going to write up the infraction, but not before he slides his nightstick out of the way to let his cock to the discipline for the Mrs. This cuckold wife is popping free from her sexy red lingerie to give this man the chance to protect and to serve, but the service happens to come through raw, hardcore sex. This cuckold comic tells the tale beautifully, as the hot wife gets penetrated from behind, her husband stands in disgrace watching it all transpire. The main thing is keeping her happy, and in the darkness of the night she’s getting just what she wants, and no jail time will be needed!

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Black Cock, White Slut, Cuckold Husband

July 30th, 2008

There’s no denying this hot wife is enjoying the interracial sex she’s displaying in front of her cuckold husband. With her tight ass hoisted high off of the bed, balancing on all fours she offers her vaginal opening to his massive Black meet with a moment of hesitancy. Cuckold sex comics makes sure you realize that not only is her lover enjoying every inch of penetration he’s putting to her, but also she can’t restrain her moaning of pornographic pleasure while the entire display of dirtiness is being witnessed by the cuckold husband that has had the desire of watching his wife being ravished. With his shirt off you can almost imagine his hand working its way down the front, to grip his own extended organ, slowly stroking as his eyes take in the wonders and the wetness of his hot wife being fucked by another man. With her nipples rubbing against the burgundy quilt the friction will cause those buds to harden and ache for more attention. As the big Black hands of her lover grab her hips and pump wildly her sounds almost become animalistic as she submits herself into the cuckold act.

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Just Married Cuckold Comics

July 8th, 2008

Humiliated cuckold Husband

When they stood in front of their friends and family, repeating their vows and promising to take each other for better or worse, this cuckold husband is getting it tossed at him immediately following the ceremony. Still clad in his tux, and his hot wife sporting her white stockings and head dress, cuckold sex comics shows perfectly how his first husbandly lesson is the proper way to fuck her for sexual satisfaction. As cuckold sex comic shows in such a passionate way, the look on her husband’s face is that of feeling submissive, but the erection in his pants tells the real tale of exactly how much it’s turning him on to watch his porcelain skinned bride being penetrated doggy-style by a well hung Black lover, filling up her moist hole with the girth of his cock, showing no mercy as he rams deeper and deeper with each thrust. She taunts her cuckold husband with almost an air of humiliation, making him feel that he couldn’t satisfy her sexually, so she found someone that could, so he should take notes on the action happening right before his eyes. As his hot wife rocks back to keep the rhythm going of her extra marital intercourse he can’t take his eyes off of the display.

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I Bet My Hot Wife

July 1st, 2008

Hot Wife at Stake

It’s hard to say which one was the real winner in the poker game that was played. When a cuckold husband bets the body of his hot wife, he’ll throw a pair of aces just to watch her partake in passionate interracial sex. When the deal’s been made there’s no going back on the wager, not like anyone would anyway. His buddy had been eyeing the long legs clad in thigh high stockings of his poker partner’s wife for a long time, and there was no way he would walk away from the table without heading straight to the bed. Cuckold sex comics shows that since she was up for the sexual stake she was going to start with his massive big Black cock, licking and sucking the thickness, making plenty of slurping sounds for her cuckold husband to hear and become aroused by as well. Rolling her sweet bare ass over and letting her breasts swing free there’s a smile on her lover’s face that leads him to do the only thing he can, compliment the great head job he’s getting, letting her cuckold husband know that he’ll play extra hands for other chances of sexual satisfying her hot body.

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Hot Wife Gone Black

June 26th, 2008

When you start talking about marriage, make sure you take into consideration what his friends are like, because as cuckold sex comics show, you may want to fuck one or more of them! Since your cuckold husband is so eager to watch the sweat from another man’s brow fall upon your bosom, you may as well have your choice of whose cock will be invading the sweetness of your nether region. Being a hot wife and lusted after by his buddies will make the process easy to start, and a thriving for interracial foreplay and penetration will definitely put things over the edge to a mind blowing orgasm. Wearing a short skirt and high heels, a lot of cleavage showing in the front and long blonde hair framing the sweetest of ivory toned faces, it won’t be long before the huge Black cocks you desire will be growing in your direction. When your husband throws a party, check out the guest list and make sure there are the manly studs that will be satisfying you and your cuckold husband before the night is over, you both want the interracial heat and horniness for your husband to stroke his meat to while watching.

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Cheating Wife

June 23rd, 2008

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There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning, unless of course it’s the rising of your brother-in-laws cock to really knock that sleepiness from your eyes! Bent over the kitchen counter, and explaining to your cuckold husband how nicely you’re treating his brother just shows that you are definitely a part of the family, a very appreciated part. The look of huge tits slapping against the cold tile top, with nipples hardening with every thrust has been captured perfectly by cuckold sex comics. The fleshy tones of tan, the shadows of seduction and his strong hands on her hips, guiding and driving the force behind each penetration he makes into this hot wife that needs the extra stimulation on the side. Not even noticing the heavy breathing from her end, the cuckold husband will go on with his business meetings and slide shows while his mate is being man handled by the one he shared bunk beds with growing up. It’s such a turn on for her, to know any little noise will amplify through the phone, right to her husband’s ear, to have him talking, to hear his voice while she feels his brother allowing his balls to slap against her ass from the total entry he’s making.

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Cuckold Present

June 18th, 2008

Cuckolded husband

When this hot wife gets a birthday present from her cuckold husband, he’s just not sure how to wrap it, and forget about a big red bow, because all she has to do is open the pants of her lover to start enjoying her gift right away. He’s giving her the gift that keeps on giving, the stiff dick of a stranger that can’t wait to plow into her raging pussy from behind, bending her over the table, being able to grab, squeeze and manipulate her sweet ass in any direction he wants to get that last little bit of his long cock deeper into her honey hole. Cuckold sex comics displays the naughtiness of this hot wife perfectly, filling her lips into that oval shape that’s perfect for swallowing down the pulsating shaft of a man that doesn’t mind being in a cuckold situation. His raging erection throbs between her lips as his friend keeps the same rhythm of penetration into her pink pussy opening. Her husband assumes his own cuckold position of standing on the side lines, watching his hot wife being ravished by the horniness of men that are unleashing their fornicating fury on her body.

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Hotwife getting gangbanged

June 16th, 2008

Hot wife getting gangbanged

How many women have ever felt like starting their honeymoon a bit early, but just not necessarily with the man they just married? Probably more than we can imagine, but not for cuckold sex comics, they know how a brand new hot wife will gladly drop to her knees to satisfy the interracial urges coursing through her body. Still wearing the white veil, a sign of purity and commitment she assumes a doggy-style fucking position to take all of the Big Black cock she can feed into her holes at one time. They rock back and forth while driving their dicks into her soaking wet pussy while her mouth experiences the deepthroat gagging of her face being fed the mammoth sized meat. She definitely won’t enter her wedding night as a fresh virgin, never touched, never exposed or had the slightest tug to her hymen, instead she’ll wander back to her wedding reception with her hair disheveled and the salty sperm of her Black lovers still dripping down the inside of her thighs, soaking the lace edging of her stockings while her cuckold husband awaits the first dance with his beautiful bride.

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